A Palal Partner is one who prays, who who has purpose in their prayers, and who is relentless in prayer. A Palal Partner is devoted to prayer for the HGIM Network of ministries and it's friends and supporters. A Palal Partner is not only dedicated to pray for this ministry, but for all the needs sent in for prayer.

God hears the prayers of those who fervently pray, who have purpose in their prayers, and who are relentless in prayer. Hannah’s testimony in 1 Samuel 1:10-20 bears this out without a doubt. In fact, she was so grateful for God's response to her fervent prayer, she gave the “answer” back to the Lord as she took Samuel to the temple to live there and to be taught by the priests. Samuel grew to be a great prophet and was used mightily of the Lord.

The word used for pray as Hannah prayed before the Lord is translated from the Hebrew word palal. The English translation for palal is “to intercede, pray, intreat, make prayer, make supplication.” The word palal literally means to “fall down to the ground in the presence of one in authority pleading a cause.”

Praying for HGIM Network Members

Heart of God Africa, under the leadership of Denise Matthews, is a powerfully effective evangelistic ministry now formally organized and recognized as an NGO in Uganda. Ongoing prayer needs include evangelism reaching as many men, women and children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with its current primary focus in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya. Pray for mission teams, for leaders and partners on the ground, for Pastor's Conferences, Youth Conferences, Women's Conferences, Widow's Center, Feeding Programs, Child Sponsorship, and more. Pray for the volunteers (more are needed) and for the finances to accomplish all that God has laid before them. Pray for the General Fund to be able to cover the general costs of running this ministry which, although minimal, need not be overlooked. To learn more about this ministry, visit Heart of God Africa's website at www.HeartOfGodAfrica.org.


Heart of God Haiti, under the leadership of David Young, is a growing evangelistic ministry located in the mountainous Kenscoff region and areas surrounding St. Marc. Pray for the children at the Center and the schools where we are working (both in Godet and St. Marc). Pray for the mission teams as they reach the children with the love of Jesus Christ. Pray for the leaders on the ground who oversee the day-to-day ministry responsibilities while maintaining financial and missional integrity. Pray for the teachers at the schools, the staff at the Center, the missionaries on the ground, and those pastors and Christian leaders who are being reached with encouragement and Biblical studies. To earn more about Heart of God Haiti, visit their website at www.HeartOfGodHaiti.org.


Heart of God India, under the leadership of Jeanice McDade, is another powerfully effective evangelistic ministry whose focus is teaching, preaching, and discipling men, women and children in God's Word. Pray for the Children’s Center and the physical needs of the building program to be completed. Pray for the children God has entrusted to their care. Pray for the lepers who are destitute and in need of encouragement as well as humanitarian assistance. Pray for the pastors who gather each month to fellowship in the Word, to pray together, to learn together, and to share testimonies bringing glory to God for the great things He is doing among them. Pray for the finances of this ministry and for God bless those who give sacrificially to the work in India. To learn more about Heart of God India, please visit their website at www.HeartOfGodIndia.org.


Heart of God Israel, under the leadership of Jonathan Daugherty, has its focus on being a Light to the Nations according to Isaiah 42:6. Pray for John as he continues to write and record teachings based on the Hebraic context of our faith. Pray for Eric Ream (an HGIM Missionary) who has agreed to help put into motion a unique plan to reach the Jewish people with the love of Yeshua by strengthening indigenous ministries through financial support and opportunities for hands-on ministry. Pray for this ministry as our first tour to Israel is being arranged for the summer of 2016; pray for Eric as he coordinates this mission/tour to include hands-on ministry to some of Israel’s most destitute in Tel Aviv. For more information about Heart of God Israel, please visit the website at www.HeartOfGodIsrael.org.


Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM) is under the leadership of John Hoben. SBM was formed to fill the many requests by Chaplains and men and women serving in the US Armed Forces for complete Bibles and Bible study materials. Pray for the doors to remain open to provide chaplains and other personnel with Bibles and Bible study materials. Pray for our partnerships with Biblica and Koinonia House (as well as other suppliers) who help us provide these materials free of charge to men and women in uniform. Please pray for the finances of this ministry in order to meet the ongoing demands for more materials. There is a spiritual hunger among US military men and women; it is our prayer that God will satisfy their hunger and fill their hearts with the knowledge of His love toward them. For more information about this unique ministry, please visit their website at www.SoldiersBibleMinistry.org.


Tip of the Spear, under the leadership of Kelly Stackenwalt, was conceived in the heart of God to build loving and trusting relationships from which doors open allowing us to reach an often forgotten segment of the Native American population on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Pray for the youth who are suffering at the hands of irresponsible adults. Pray for their protection and that the hopelessness they feel would give way to hope through Jesus Christ. Pray for those contemplating suicide and for those families whose children have taken their lives. Pray for those addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other behaviors which are driving the children to take drastic measures. Pray for Teshuah House, a rescue-discipleship center being built to accommodate the young women looking for a way to improve their lives by furthering their education in a Christ-centered atmosphere where they will learn to forgive those who have abused and neglected them while pressing on toward their goals, both as young women and as disciples of Christ. To learn more about this new and unique ministry, visit Tip of the Spear Ministry's website at www.TipOfTheSpearMinistry.org.


Ream Team International, under the leadership of Eric Ream and Elisabeth Ream, is very excited to serve the Lord in Haiti and partner with Heart of God International. The Ream Team’s main focus is teaching others the life-transforming truth of the Gospel. Pray for Eric and Elisabeth as they pursue their purpose in Haiti, responding to God’s daily call to give of themselves sacrificially so others may come to know Him. Pray for their children as they thrive in a culture where there is ample opportunity to express the love of Christ through friendships and associations. Pray for God to bless this family financially so their needs will be met and their ministry continue to shine brilliantly against the backdrop of darkness so prevalent throughout Haiti. To learn more about the Ream Team, please visit their website at www.ReamTeamInternational.org


Kofael is under the leadership of Elisabeth Ream, and another outreach of Heart of God Haiti. Kofael is a Christian non-profit micro-loan program for women in Haiti facing many challenges due to the economic conditions. Pray for God to continue to send the funding necessary to extend the micro-loans while the women continue to meet and celebrate the work God is doing among them. Pray for the hearts of the women to remain open to the Gospel and for their lives to be eternally impacted by the ministry of Elisabeth Ream as she partners with Frantz and Julienne Osier. For more information about this exciting ministry, please visit Kofael's website at www.Kofael.org.


Bound With Them brings awareness to and seeks prayer support for persecuted believers across the globe. By using social media, volunteers help to keep our prayer partners apprised of the persecuted church by posting news of recent reports of persecution for the sake of the Cross. Please join us in praying for those who face imprisonment, torture and even death for their commitment to Christ and the testimony of faith in Him. This is a growing problem and no longer isolated to third world countries. It is becoming an every-day occurrence to learn of believers being ridiculed, taxed, fined, mistreated, imprisoned, tortured and killed simply because they refuse to compromise their faith. Please join the Facebook community at www.facebook.com/boundwiththem. God bless!